What is a TCK?

Third Culture Kids (TCK) refers to children who are raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their developmental years. Once a child has moved from their passport country, they’ll continue to develop and slowly identify less with the culture of that country. However, they will also never completely identify with their host country either. It is in this evolving, borderless, third culture that they begin to find their identity.


 What does a Mentor do?

A mentor comes alongside a teenage TCK[JK1]  and helps them see Jesus in their lives. A mentor listens to their stories and is a sounding board for hurts in their lives.


Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 and in good spiritual standing.


Why be a mentor?

Teenaged TCKs experience many of the same difficulties as their peers back home: adolescent drama, social anxiety, conflict with siblings and parents. However, their isolation on the field means that many TCKs often feel lonely and misunderstood. Teenaged TCKs need followers of Jesus like you who desire to build God’s kingdom by investing in the next generation of disciple-makers.


How do people become mentors?

There is an application process that includes a background check. Potential mentors will also take required training to help you be the best mentor you can be.


How will I be matched with a TCK?

The matching process takes what fires you up and matches it with a TCK whose seems similar. The process also takes prayer. If you know a TCK in our organization and want to mentor them, then we take that into consideration.


How do TCKs join the program?

The teen with their parents decide and then fill out a profile.


How do I get in touch with my TCK?

The internet. You and the family will work out how best to keep in touch. It could be Facebook, email or a video communication.


Are all TCKs believers?

No, part of the goal of the mentoring program is to help ground TCKs in their faith. Some of them have chosen not to follow Jesus or just have not made a personal decision but are acting “Christian”.


How much time will this take?

Your aim is to Skype twice a month and then keep in touch via Facebook, email or some other messaging service. It is as much time as you want to make it, but at a minimum it would be a four-hour monthly commitment.


Where can I find resources to help my TCK?

We have website just for that! You can go to There you will find websites, books, blogs and more to help you better understand TCKs. You can also feel free to email

 [JK1]Are you assuming the reader knows what a TCK is?