Letters Never Sent: A Global Nomad's Journey from Hurt to Healing by Ruth Ellen van Reken 

As a way of examining this ‘other side’ of her story, Ruth's began to write many letters home such as the girl known as Miss Question Box might have written. This book contains her story from ages six to thirty-nine. Today, in her mid-sixties, renowned internationally for her compassion, knowledge and insight into what it means to be a child growing up among worlds, Van Reken, looks back over her life and adds a fascinating and reflective epilogue to a memoir that has already sold 32,000 copies and has helped and inspired its readers. 

Journaling has always been Ruth's first port in a storm. Writing her memoir this way is a natural part of her process. That she would also turn to her journal as a way of making sense of the cancer that knocked her 'out of line' for a couple of years, is no surprise. As she writes: "This is the power of journaling – to see the obvious but not yet named places in life."

Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds by David C. Pollock  and Ruth E. Van Reken  

Considered the “book” on Third Culture Kids. An enlightening look at the challenges of children of expatriates, missionaries, and others who grow up outside their home culture.

Misunderstood: The impact of growing up overseas in the 21st century by Tanya Crossman 

Over 200 million people currently live abroad; more than 50 million are temporary residents, intending to return to their country of origin. Misunderstood explores the impact international life can have on the children of such families – while they live overseas, when they return, and as they mature into adults. Similarities in their shared experiences (regardless of the different countries in which they have lived) create a safe space of comfort and understanding. Tanya Crossman introduces this space – the Third Culture – through the personal stories of hundreds of individuals. Whether you grew up overseas, are raising children overseas, or know a family living abroad, Misunderstood will equip you with insights into the international experience, along with practical suggestions for how to offer meaningful care and support.

Between Worlds: Essays on Culture and Belonging by Marilyn Gardner

"In the hall of an old Inn by the ocean is a sign that reads 'Home is Where Our Story Begins." But if home is where our story begins, what happens when we can't go back?" Marilyn Gardner was raised in Pakistan and went on to raise her own five children in Pakistan and Egypt before moving to small town New England. Between Worlds will resonate with those who have lived outside of their passport country, as well as those who have not. These essays explore the rootlessness and grief as well as the unexpected moments of humor and joy that are a part of living between two worlds. Between Worlds charts a journey between the cultures of East and West, the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones and familiar places, and the loneliness of not belonging. "Every one of us has been at some point between two worlds, be they faith and loss of faith, joy and sorrow, birth and death. Between Worlds is a luminous guide for connecting---and healing---worlds." - Cathy Romeo, co-author, Ended Beginnings: Healing Childbearing Losses

Setting Sail! The Family Workbook by Emily Hervey

This is a workbook designed to equip whole families who are planning to move overseas!

Parents might be ready to go, but what about the rest of the family? It is critical that a family has a strong foundation of communication and mutual support before entering unfamiliar territory.
Topics covered include:

From the Experts:
At last! A workbook that involves both adults and children as they all prepare for their transition as a family. It includes not only thought-provoking questions but also hands-on activities for everyone—and a family can work it into their own schedule. I recommend it highly. Ron Koteskey, Ph.D.

From the Families:
We found this program helpful as it aided discussions and sharing times with our children. It brought us together in the purpose of moving overseas as a family unit – all working together as one. The kids loved having family times when we could do an activity too! Moving from Australia to Ethiopia

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